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MPBA Malaysia-Poland Business Association

MPBA Malaysia-Poland Business Association

Malaysia is considered as one of the most important economic and trading partners of Poland in South East Asia.
The dynamic growth of the Malaysian and Polish economies, especially in the recent years, has created new possibilities and opportunities for both the trade and investments.

Having in mind further development of the economic and trade relations between Poland and Malaysia The Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kuala Lumpur, fully supported the idea of the establishment of The Malaysia-Poland Business Association MPBA.

The idea of setting up the Malaysia-Poland Business Association was conceived some time ago when the Malaysian and Polish business communities realized the need for such a forum.

In July 2007 as the result of the efforts made by The Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kuala Lumpur THE MALAYSIA-POLAND BUSINESS ASSOCIATION was created. 

The function of the Chairman was at least at the being taken up by Tan Sri Dato Abdul Kadir Bin Haji Sheikh Fadzir –  Malaysian businessman, former member of the Malaysian Parliament as well as former Minister of Tourism Malaysia, while the Honorary Secretary position was taken over by Tn Hj Mohd Amirrol Mohd Shariff.

The invitations to become the member of the association were extended both to the Malaysian as well as the Polish companies among other to BUMAR Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur.

On May 8th, 2008 The Malaysian Registry of Societies - JPPM - Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia based on the earlier made applications according to the requirements of Malaysian law stipulated in: Akta Pertubuhan 1966 and Peraturan-Peraturan Pertubuhan 1984 formally registered The Malaysia-Poland Business Association MPBA as per The Registration Decision no: 0559-08-SEL.


The Annual General Meetings of The Malaysia-Poland Business Association and elected Chairmen (the Lists of The Executive Comitees in enclosures): 

  • 1st MPBA AGM - October 28, 2008
    Tan Sri Dato Abdul Kadir Bin Haji Sheikh Fadzir.
  • 2nd MPBA AGM - March 29th, 2010
    Chairman: Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Profesor Lim Kok Wing.
  • 3rd MPBA AGM  - March 18th, 2011
    Chairman: YBhg Dato Dr Mahmud Md Nor.

MPBA Registered members [as per December 2013]: 27.

The MPBA provides a forum for discussing and exchange views and experiences on business conditions and issues, both domestic and international, affecting Malaysian and Polish companies. The Association also initiates and cooperates with companies and chambers of commerce in organizing the trade missions from Poland to Malaysia, extending also the assistance in organization of the Malaysian trade missions to Poland.

Those who are interested to become the member of the The Malaysia-Poland Business Association are kindly requested to fill in the enclosed formula and send to the below address of The Registered Office of MPBA:



No.8 Jalan RS 1, Rawang Sentral

MY - 48000 Rawang / Selangor Darul Esham


tel:               [+603] 60912606

fax:              [+603] 60933608




Fell free to get in contact with the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of The Embassy of The Republic of Poland in Kuala Lumpur for any additional information.  


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